The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 20, You afraid for the money

20 – Regina
You afraid for the money
Tue, SepĀ 01, 2015 05:38 AM

My darling,

I was glad to see your letter. And as soon as I to receive your paper, and I have decided to consult with agency and as to direct this to a bug to migratory service, to be assured, that it will help me to receive the visa, and as possibility to go to you.

And you know, my pleasure was not so long! In my country not so simply to receive the visa to the girl, and is very rare when to give visas to lonely girls without children. Such as I. And I at first thought, that I cannot receive it, but the agency has helped me. And they to say, that I can receive all. And on this paper, I that I will not receive….. And now there was a question to me in general to forbid to submit documents on the visa in a current of 3 years.

And as now the agency, will know likely, that I can have problems with visa reception!

Why we with you not to do all as to us spoke agency? Why we to search for difficult ways?

If all of us to make as to us to speak agency as I spoke to you, we likely already would be together. But we with you to search for adventures…. And we have found them.

Now I at all do not know what to do.

I just to receive the letter from agency, and they to say, that we can receive the visa very quickly, and right now, and there will be no interdiction. If we do not waste time and all to make as they to speak. But I think, that you again will not listen to me, and will search for any other ways. And it seems to me, that you are afraid for the money. You are afraid to send money more precisely. You think, what I to deceive you?!

Now I think, that we with you and will be far apart. If you now not to make all as to ask us to do agency right at the beginning. You know all. And now all depends on you.

Also remember, my country absolutely another, and differs from yours. And laws at us on much severe, than at you.

I will wait for your answer.


20A – Tony
Re: You afraid for the money
Thu, Oct 01, 2015 01:52 AM

Dear Regina,

A new year has arrived and I want to make sure to bring closure to everything that has happened to us. In my last email, two months ago, I sent you a document that would allow us to become married in the eyes of the law. I was hoping that you would fill out the marriage application and mail it back to me. This would provide you with the opportunity to purchase your Visa and to join me in New York. We would then be able to continue our career as famous internet artists. I also wired the amount of $1,500 to the headquarters of your travel agency. This money was sent to the attention of Maksim Mylov in Warsaw, Poland.

Unfortunately, you never returned the application. It seems like you were not ready for such a huge change of lifestyle. I understand that living the life of an international internet artist can be intimidating, but I never expected you to run away from my offer. I just wanted to communicate with you one last time. I value all of our interactions and realize that they never could have happened without these telematic tools of technology. I also want you to know that I have moved on. Don’t worry about me dear Regina. While I was waiting for your response, I met another possible artist over the internet. Her name is Elena. She is 27 years old and lives in Russia. Like you, she has the physical appearance of a model, but she has decided to be a fitness instructor instead. Anyways, Elena and I are making arrangements to be famous internet artists. We are working on a new project and hopefully I will be able to share it with you at some point in the future.

Please don’t be jealous dear Regina. We had our opportunity and, now, that opportunity has passed. Remember all of our good memories and all of the internet work that we made. I know that I am a better artist because of our exchanges, and I hope that you are too. Maybe, at some point in the future, I will read about you online. You will be a famous internet artist without me. That would make me very happy. If you were to become a famous internet artist, it would make me feel, in some weird way, a little responsible for everything that has or will happen.


The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 20, You afraid for the money