The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 17, To be with me

17 – Regina
To be with me
Fri, AugĀ 21, 2015 04:51 AM

My dear,

I again to see your letter. And I am glad, that I can read it, and to see everything, that you to think. As now we cannot speak with you, and only letters us with you now to unite. And I to see, that you very much would wish to be with me. To be a number. To give me the love. But you not to trust me. Yes, not to trust, as I to see, that you to say, that I should come to you! All to pay itself, and then when I to come to you, you will give me all. It to say me, that you could help me now, but do not wish to send it to me. As you to think, that I can deceive you. Or you to be afraid, that that of another.

As though to me it was not sick to understand, but I cannot to you that to speak against. It is your choice, and your decision. I do not wish to ask from you that, I simply to think, that if you to help me, I could come to you. And to be with you nearby. But to demand I that I can not. Certainly I to hear about deceits, and you are fine for understanding. And even to me it is a lot of to realise painfully, that you can speak, or think, that I same as all these swindlers. Which to gain money for “love”. And it is very a pity to me which to get people on these dodges. And they have now only debts, and the broken hearts. A pain, and not trust. Simply these people become very sad. And looking at them, it is possible to tell, that they very strongly to be disappointed in a life.

And I think, that you do not wish to be such. As you to think, that I of one their “such” people. And on it not to trust me. There can be you to deal with these “people” and only on it, you not to trust me. No, I not to blame you, when. I simply have understood all. Also I can say to you, that we can be simple friends. Also we can have correspondence further. Only I think, that it not to result in what good. And we to have only time expenditure. As all people should not be one… And they should have second half.

Understand, I not the girl, and me not 18 years. And I cannot live one more. I wish to love, and to be favourite. To see the man near to itself. Also could touch it. It is a pity, that I cannot construct the happiness with you. And I very strongly wanted it. Yes you, that who have allowed to me to understand much, and have given me love.

I to trust you, and to give you my heat, my heart. And which I to hold my secrets in myself. And now I to understand, that it is all to come to an end. All it will be the most good fairy tale in which I to live. Also I can say you thanks, that you to present to me these not forgotten moments which have let to me know that it is not necessary to recollect the past and that it is necessary to live further. And now I will do it. I still love you, and you will live in my heart always. And even if at me to be other man, I when not to forget you. And I will search so that it to remind me you. What he as to understand me, and to love as strongly as well as you.

I to finish my letter, and I will wait for your answer.

Yours, always

17A – Tony
Re: You write me the truth!
Sun, Aug 23, 2015 02:47 AM

Dearest Regina,

Thank you for your letter. You misunderstand me. The only reason that I asked you to pay was because it would make everything happen faster. If you paid the travel agency, you could fly to my country in the next few days and we could look into each other’s eyes. It would be a special moment and it would happen now, rather than later.

I am happy to send the money for you to buy the ticket. I already know the amount, but I don’t know where to send it. Would I send it directly to the travel agency or would I send it to you. If I am to send it to you, can you give me your address? If you send me your address, I will rush out as soon as I get your email and send the money via international mail. In fact, I will use international overnight service. You will have the money within a week. You can buy the ticket and get on the airplane and we can finally get to meet each other face to face, like normal human beings. What do you think? Will this work for you?

If this plan is to work, there is something I will need from you. Before I send the money, you must send me another picture of you. Remember when you sent me the picture with the sign that said “I’m real”? I want you to send another picture of you with a sign. In the sign, I want it to say “Tony, I am real.” This way, I will know that your love is true. I will know that you are sending the picture just for me. I will know that this is real….very, very real. I will know that this fairy tale will end happily ever after. Please send me this picture. Don’t wait! Do it now! We’ve had too much time waiting. I want to make sure that our letters become reality. I want to make sure that this story is not a movie or a book or a love song. It will be truth. Absolute and undeniable truth.


The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 17, To be with me