The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 6, I sit by the sea

06 – Regina
I sit by the sea
Sat, Jul 25, 2015 09:33 AM
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Hello my dear friend. How are you doing today? how is your mood, how is your health? Today when I went to an internet cafe, my mood improved. I can not explain to you, but I have a feeling that today I would see your answer. I have this feeling from morning, and so when I come here after work and saw the confirmation to my sense, then my mood got even better. My day started as usual, at 8.30 am, I went to my job. Every day I start my job at 9:00 am.
I am very glad that our correspondence continued. We also can know each other, share ideas and views on various topics. All this gave me great pleasure. And I want to develop our relationship further.You are far away from Azerbaijan. In a country with a different language spoken, I have already told you that here the native language Azerbaijani. But I see no problem in understanding each other. I can easily explain to you what I think, feel, and it is very important that you understand it correctly.

I could never find such a good person like you in my country. Here, a man and a woman, have little or no relationship till marriage. Sometimes they are meet only few times before. Such traditions here. Of course, some men pay attention to me, but I’m right girl while I live here. And I respect all the traditions of my country. So I never let the men somehow be attentive to me. If I go out of my country, I will not stick to these principles. I told you that if I decide to leave Azerbaijan, I will do it only for a loved man. And I understand that the development of such relations must give up many of the principles of my religion and my upbringing. I’m really ready to do it. Of course the first time after leaving Azerbaijan, it will be very hard for me. Because I come to another country, in another culture. I’ll feel some loneliness. Because all my friends will be here in Azerbaijan. But on the other hand, I, will be with the beloved man. And I’m sure that he will do everything to make me feel comfortable.

I want to tell you that each of your letter make sense of closeness to you. It’s like I feel, see and hear everything that you write in your letters. It is an incredible feeling. I had never experienced such. Now I understand that made the right choices when I first time write you. I really want to develop our relationship with you to make it to grow into something more. But I do not want to rush. Since it is very serious, may depend on my future life and my destiny. Therefore, if our relationship grow into a strong feeling, I want this to be deliberate. For you and I feel it.I also have another sense that one day our correspondence with you turn into a strong feeling. I am a woman, and like any woman, I have a strong intuition. And I believe it.

Now I begin to understand that I am not alone. That I have good person, which is far away from me. Who support me, and that person you are. I can tell you all that I think. You’re a man and you always tell me your opinion. Your opinion is always important for me. Because you’re more experienced than I am. You have a lot more life experience than I am. And it’s always interesting when you share it with me. I wonder every word you write. And I’m very happy that I could find a good man online. I’m sure you’re very good. And I can not trust you, and say all the innermost.

Therefore, in this letter, I want to say one very important thing. For me it is important that you understand me. You know that I live in a Muslim country. And it have its own traditions and laws. In the tradition of our country, girl must be innocent (virgin) until marriage. The girl should lose it only in the wedding night. And if she violates this law, it will be disgraced, and would never be able to have a family. This rule is followed by all the girls in our country. Perhaps that is why, in our country there is no such terrible thing as prostitution. Police closely monitor this. I think that’s good. Do you agree with me?

I also follow the law of Islam. And for all my life, I never had sex with a man. I remain a virgin.

You can ask me how this is possible, but it is. I was brought up and raised in this country, and with these traditions. Yes, I’m already 27 years old, and I do not have any sexual experience. Perhaps you find it hard to believe it, because you live in another country, with other moral norms. In your country, women have a different behavior, the other freedom, and they can decide what to do and when. Maybe it’s better. But I do not regret that I remain a virgin. Since I believe that I must give it only to one man, the one whom I love. The one who will love me. And with whom I will build a family. This will be the only man for the rest of my life. Only after I myself strongly love someone to want to spend with him all my life: When I see his love, care, affection and support, I make love to a man and build a family with him. I hope you understand me right?

I would also want to say in this letter about how I see the relationship with the man. I have a view of the long-term relationship based on mutual love. I believe that both person should try to make each other happy. More talk, discuss various issues, to compromise and the right decisions. Two people who love each other, should understand and support their love. Have to trust each other. Also an important skill, in my opinion, is the ability to forgive. All people one day make a mistakes and to forgiveness possible not a lot of people. Of course you can’t forgive everything. I will never forgive infidelity or betrayal. It is very painful. And so I always try to tell the truth. Lying kills any relationship and prevents live. It is better to tell people the truth, which can be bitter, but it is true, rather than to deceive. A relationship built on love, trust, understanding and sincerity, is the strongest relationship. What do you think about the relationship? I’m very interested to know, I think that this is the same as my thoughts.

I want to know it all, and tell you everything that you could see my serious. Able to understand what I want. So I write to you all this detail.

I think that once you write a lot more about all this. Once I reveal to you a soul. And you completely understand and feel how I feel.

I look forward to your next letter. I want to see your answer, read your mind. Also send me your new photos. Write about everything that happens in your life. I would love to read everything that you write me. I want to think that this letter get even one small step toward building our relationship. This letter, I hope, will be another brick for the foundation of our relationship.

We’re just starting to build it. And from what we build it, will probably depend on our future life. We build our own destiny, and to choose our future. I would also like to tell you a little more about my favorite things. Sometimes, when it’s raining, I like to sit near the window and watch the street. At these moments, I think about some very important things. And even the thunder do not scare me. I guess I like thunder.

I also really like to go to the sea. I told you that I live not too far from the coast of the Caspian Sea. And in the summer when the weather is good, the weekend I like to spend my free time there. Since sea water is very good for health. With this my letter I’m sending you a picture which made on a coast of the Caspian Sea. Now I’m going home. I think it would be hard to sleep because I have a lot of different thoughts. I’ll think of you, present and dream of you. I very much want to see a beautiful dream that you and I together.

I think that soon I will be able to buy a phone card to call you. Unfortunately, I do not have phone, where you can call me.

I end my letter. Once again, thank you for what you continue to write to me!



06A – Tony
Hi Regina
Sun, Jul 26, 2015 10:27 PM
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Hi Regina,

Thanks for your last letter. Also, thanks for the photo. You seem to be really happy. It makes me wonder what the beaches are like in your country. Since you send me so many nice photos, I decided to send you another picture. Did you like the photo of my grandfather? This time, I’m sending you a picture of my great grandmother Georgia. She was also an excellent artist and made many beautiful works. I hope you enjoy the picture. Keep sending pictures. You still owe me a picture of you cooking in your kitchen.

I’ve been telling other people about our emails. It’s funny because sometimes I refer to you as “it”. Since I’ve never met you in person, its difficult to know what it would be like talking face to face. This is the interesting part of computers. They allow us to connect with someone half way across the world, but there is still a huge amount of distance between us. So, so close yet so far away. In any case, it’s fun to talk about our letters with my friends. They wanted to hear all about you, so I’ve been telling them about your struggles, your interests and your hopes for the future. I hope you don’t mind. I’m excited to share your story with others. Every email is like another chapter in a book.

Well, I look forward to hearing back from you. How was your week? Did you do any fun things? Also, I was wondering…if you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you choose to travel to?



Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 6, I sit by the sea