The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 4, Hello.

04 – Regina
Fri, Jul 17, 2015 09:33 PM

Hello, thank you for your answer.

I’m always happy to receive news from you, it always makes my normal day more interesting. You already know that I can not be absolutely happy in my country. Since my religion and the principles of life in my country, it’s not allowing me to do that. I have never had a serious love relationship. And all I know about it is only a theory. I’ve seen a lot of this in various romantic movies or read about in romance novels. Of course, this is all very beautiful. But I understand that in real life would be much different. In real life, there will be difficulties, problems, and some hard situations. That need to be decided jointly. I understand that, and I’m ready for that. I also believe that it is not so important from where begin serious love relationship. It can start when meeting on the street, in a museum or even the Internet.

If you make an effort, any such relationship can develop into something more serious. If two people have a common interest and make steps towards each other if their relationship is in constant development, then they can expect a very good reward for it. I truly believe that even Internet dating may one day grow into a serious relationship that will bring a lot of joy.

Also, now I’m trying to avoid the manifestation of the religion of Islam in my life. My clothes are plain, I do not dress in religious clothing, I did not close the open parts of my body by dark clothing. Of course, many people are judgmental looks when they see me on the street, but it’s my choice. I also do not agree with some of main parts of Islam with regard to the relationship between a man and a woman. In Islam, a man may have several wives official. And I can not take this! I believe that every man should have only one loved wife. So I finally decided for myself, my husband-to-be out of Azerbaijan. I think now you understand better why I’m looking for a man for marriage from another country? And why do I have loneliness at the age of 27 years old!

In general, I want to tell you that religion is not important to me. And I think that one day I can change it. I really like the Christian religion, because in this religion all men are equal, and the ratio of girls is much better.

I wish I could still tell you more about my hobbies, I like to cook food.I constantly experimenting with it. Maybe one day you’ll be able to try my cooking food, and you’re sure like it. I know how to cook a variety of salads, meat dishes and a lot of tasty. Along with this letter I am sending you a picture when I was at my kitchen and do the cooking.

Today was a normal day for me. there was no something special. I told you already, which is usually after work, I have a very good mood. And today it was too. But sometimes after work I have fatigue. Because most of my work day goes on his feet, and also some fatigue in the neck. To get rid of this, I spent some time after work to just lie in my bed and rest. Sometimes I do myself a neck massage to relax it.

I’m also very fond of watching different movies. I have already told you that I love historical novels, and film Alexander, this is one of my favorite historical movies. I also love watching movies fantasy, such as Garry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia. And when I have a happy mood, I love watching romantic comedies.

Today, after work, I came to the internet cafe to see your answer. Then I’m going to go with my friend to have a female conversation in the cafe. I have a best friend Jalya. This she did most of my photos that I send to you. She is really a very good photographer, and the pictures she made me very loving. I only ask that you never asked for my nude photos. Because I will never send it over the internet, I just stop communicating with you after such requests. How was your day? Do you have something special or interesting? Now I will finish my letter. I hope you will answer me soon again.


04A – Tony
Re: Hello
Mon, Jul 20, 2015 08:24 PM

Hi Regina,

You mentioned that you sent a picture of yourself cooking, but there is not such attachment in your email. If we are going to develop a full work of art, it is very important that your complete the promises that you make in your writing.

Once again, you didn’t mention anything about our digital art project. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having so many problems with religion, but, don’t worry so much about it. I recommend that you start making art works on your own and then you can focus on topics such as polygamy and religious persecution.

I think that the “friend” Jayla is a good addition to the storyline. Perhaps it is time to include another character within our narrative. I love the part where you mention that you “go with my friend to have a female conversation in the café.” I’m not sure what entails a “female conversation”, but I’m sure that you will address this in upcoming entries. Keep up the good work.

Oh…and “Garry Potter”? Good one…LOL.


Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 4, Hello