more past than future: travel videos 1-8

more past than future was a video exhibition that took place from february 20th to the 24th, 2012. The show was composed of travel videos 1 – 8.

The videos were originally captured during the summer of 2002. shot on location in the bahamas, japan and the republic of korea, the videos are an attempt to analyze various characteristics of the travelogue genre. completed over a span of 10 years, more past than future is the first opportunity to view the whole series in its entirety.

the following works shall mimic the travel video genre by:
– using camera techniques that are common to the genre
(excessive zooming, swish pans, still imagery)
– interpreting the settings and locations visited by the traveler
– capturing, in some form, the creator and/or his travel partner
– creating a record of travels that can be shared on future occasions

the following works shall depart from the travel video genre via:
– brevity – 5 to 7 minutes for each video
– subtlety – avoiding obvious aspects of the traveled space
– personal expression – expressive intent by the creator
– context – works will be screened outside of the home