Brakhage Scroll

Inspired by the work of experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage, Brakhage Scroll seeks to explore the fluctuating boundaries of cinematic and eye/mind expression. As a filmmaker, most of my work has made use of materials that are germane to film production. Nevertheless, my earliest forms of creative expression involved mark making on an array of assorted surfaces. The scroll is an attempt to unite these corresponding personas. Through this process, Brakhage Scroll seeks to redefine the manner in which cinematic works are produced and exhibited. The scroll was inspired by the desire to craft an experimental film on canvas (rather than celluloid or mylar). The fifty-foot strip of cloth reappropriates the use of framing, movement and light encountered in works of cinema.

As a work of expanded cinema, Brakhage Scroll requires the audience to assume the role of the projector. The viewer must navigate four flights of stairs in order to view the piece. In doing so, the automatic function of the projector is replaced by actual movement through space. The resulting effect is one where frame, movement and light are adjusted at the discretion of the spectator.