#VowOfSilence: #Twitter is my #Voice

“I am taking a vow of silence. Twitter is my voice.”

“Interact with my stream of twitter thoughts by searching #tweetvow or following @tweetvow”

A vow or moment of silence is typically intended to create a synthesis between introspection and extroversion. Humans engage in the practice of silence as a method for simplifying the disorders encountered within our complex everyday environment. This search for simplification is especially relevant when applied to our present digital setting. Technology has made us willing participants in the fragmentation of language, communication, and the self. Through the use of ubiquitous social media platforms, we are able to edit, extend, and provide a surrogate for the human voice. This concept coincides with the metaphor of the cyborg/mechanized human. #VowOfSilence #Twitter is my #Voice identifies the emerging belief that new forms of media will eventually replace the limitations of the human body.

Neither an act of religious faith nor political protest, #VowOfSilence: #Twitter is my #Voice seeks to provide an expressive metaphor for the anthropological relationship between humans and technology. The performer agrees to participate in a period of silence for a specified duration (24-hours during the UFVA conference). During this time, the performer’s only form of communication will be channeled through the use of the social media platform twitter. By engaging in an exclusive dialogue via social media, the work emerges as a paradoxical archive of introspection and collective intelligence. The thoughts of the performer, documented via twitter, provide a baseline for the experiment. Additionally, the conversations, questions, and comments recorded under the hashtag #tweetvow provide an opportunity for the audience to interact with the performance on multiple levels. Although the human voice of the artist has been obfuscated, he/she remains continuously engaged in a process digital connection, communication, and interaction. If successful, the project contrasts the sacred meditation of human silence with the fragmented potential of the mediated digital voice.