Things Held

Things That Want To Be Held…That I Want To Hold

Things That Want To Be Held…That I Want To Hold is a collaborative art project performed by @becheverria_studio / @blancaguerra15 and @paulamator. The project combines sculptural ceramic works and durational performance to establish an ongoing symbiosis that emulates the stages of child-bearing.

Throughout various stages of their relationship, @becheverria_studio has created embryonic sculptures that have been appropriated by @paulamator. For the period of 9 months, @paulamator agrees to care for these embryonic ceramic pieces and to keep them on his person at all times. The durational aspect of the work is performed by both members of the collaboration. Whereas @becheverria_studio bears the responsibility for carrying their expectant child, @paulamator participates in the pre-birth process by maintaining a caregiving responsibility for the ceramic embryos.

The performance will be documented on the social media platform Instagram using the hashtag #thingsheld. The artists invite viewers to participate in the performance by taking an image with @becheverria_studio or @paulamator. In this image, the viewer will be asked to share their username and to display a gesture of care for the expectant child or ceramic embryo.