The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 18, 100% of confidence of me

18 – Regina
100% of confidence of me
Sun, AugĀ 23, 2015 06:40 AM
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My love Tony,

I to read your letter. And I am final is glad, that you to make a choice in my party. I understand, that you would like, that I to pay all, but I cannot. I can not because I do not have such money. And I require your help. And now I to see, that you are ready to help me. Also it is ready to be with me. But nevertheless you still do not have 100 % of confidence of me. Whether not so? You to ask a photo, I to make it for you. I want, that you trusted me, and trusted. I love you and if you love me, in our relations there should be a trust. And be final owe actions. You to ask a photo, I have made it. I hope, that now you will not change the words, and now to make all as I to you to speak. And by that you to pay for my documents and tickets. And we should wait till next week. And it is possible that already in the beginning or in the middle of the next week I to receive all it. And I can safely take off to you. And to be with you nearby.

I hope, that you are happy to hear it, that fact, that soon we with you will together. Also we will be the happiest people, which to love each other!

Now as to payment. I already said to you, that I do not wish to accept your money because I am afraid. The sum very big and in bank can plunder me or I can lose them. And then it will be very bad. You with me agree?!

And on it I ask you to send money directly to the main office of agency! To Poland. I already obtain data of the agent which can to accept your money fast transfer. They to say to me, that you can take advantage Money Gram or Western Union. As they to speak, that there were no superfluous problems for you, and there were no delays, whether if you while translating money will be asked you know the person to whom you to send money, tell that you know, and that money to send on business. So they will faster work.

Here the given agencies
first name – Maksim
last name – Mylov
city – Warsawa, 04-685
Abolenskogo av 154-12
country – Poland

And as soon as agency I will receive your money to inform you on it. And I can safely prepare to a trip for you. And every day we with you will write letters till the most unforgettable moment. And as soon as I in the airport hours of my flight will already come to separate us only. Which likely to fly by not considerably for us. And certainly I will wait for you in your country, at the airport. And as soon as I you to see, I want, that you to embrace me and strong to kiss.

Now I will wait for your letter, and your answer. Also I ask you Tony, and certainly I wish to ask agency from you a copy of the form of transfer. That I could show to its agency, and as that it to be at me. Agency to guarantee safety of your money while translating, and it is copy to be necessary to me if will be problems. But I will not be confident that them.

As to bear agency full responsibility for your money. And if their agent to lose this money it will pay my trip. As soon as you to show a copy in agency, they to bear responsibility.

I love you, yours


The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 18, 100% of confidence of me