The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 16, You write me the truth!

16 – Regina
You write me the truth!
Sun, AugĀ 16, 2015 05:28 AM

Tony, I have understood in what a problem. And now all became clear to me.I am glad, that you to write me the truth, and now I can say to you, that the truth it is very important. I already to say to you, that do not love when me to deceive. It to do a pain.

And now I understand, that you wish to continue our dialogue. But I to say to you, that we already should meet, it is necessary to be together, to touch each other, and to understand that we are created for each other.

And on it we should solve a question with my arrival now already. Now it means this week. Also it is not necessary to postpone it on long.

Now about agency. They are ready to continue work with us, but for this purpose they payment now will not wait. If we to pay now all of them to make, and documents at me will be already on new week, and in the end of new week I can take off to you. And if you again wish to deceive me I will not be with you when.

I as wish to speak to you that if we we to stretch our meeting on more I easier to receive an interdiction on to leave the countries. And you will understand, that I not to deceive you, in difference from you.

Now we have a chance to be number. And I hope, that you not to miss it!

I love you and you wishes to be with you,

16A – Tony
Re: You write me the truth!
Fri, Aug 21, 2015 01:58 AM

My dearest Regina,

It has been difficult to go days without communicating with you. I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. I know that you have made plans to come to my country and I think you will be pleased with the latest update. I borrowed the money for your flight. I am ready to help you with the cost of travel. I need to know when you will be arriving. Once you arrive at the New York airport, I can give you the money for the travel. Once this is out of the way, we will be able to enjoy our time together in the city. We can go to the park, eat in restaurants, go to the museum and enjoy our evenings in the cinema. This is a dream that I have been counting on for some time. I’m very excited for your arrival. Go ahead and book the flight. Once you have your ticket, please send me the details of your flight. Is there anyway that we can communicate before you arrive? Would it be possible to Skype? In any case, I look forward to the details of your trip. Please send them to me as soon as possible. Also, you haven’t sent me a picture in some time. Please send me another one because I want to see more pictures of you. I can’t believe that this fairy tale will soon become a reality.

Looking forward to your reply,

The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 16, You write me the truth!