The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 15, You think that I the cheat!

15 – Regina
You think that I the cheat!
Fri, AugĀ 14, 2015 06:08 AM

I read your letter. Ha ha ha it is very ridiculous! Why you to think, that I the silly naive girl. It is not necessary so to think, and I have understood, that you think, that I the cheat which want only your money.

You are mistaken! I simply wished to be with you. But now I understand, that you think absolutely on another. And on it you likely waited from me for other reaction. But you are mistaken.

I am not on sale!

15A – Tony
Re: You think that I the cheat!
Sun, Aug 16, 2015 02:09 AM

Dear Regina,

It appears that my last letter was upsetting for you. I would like to opportunity to explain why I made such an offer. It wasn’t because I thought you were naive or a cheat. I offered you the money because I wanted to treat you like a very special person. Perhaps I should come clean on a few things. I am interested in seeing you. I think it would be great if you came to New York, especially since you’ve never been outside of Azerbaijian. You can come as a tourist. You do not need to help me with my internet art. In fact, we don’t have to talk about art at all. We can just talk about our lives and share stories about the past, present and future. I didn’t mean to scare you away with the offer that I made. I just wanted you to feel welcome to my country. I wanted you to be even more excited than you already were. I’m not a famous internet artist. The truth is that internet artists are almost never rich or famous. They make art that is difficult to display in the museums and is even more difficult to sell. I like to make art, but I’m afraid that I haven’t been very successful at making a living with my work.

Since communicating with you, I have discovered a whole new approach to my art making. I know that you have inspired a renewed sense of accomplishment and I would hate to never hear from you again. The truth is that I NEED YOU. I can’t move forward without you. I will do whatever you ask as long as we can continue writing each other and sharing pieces from our lives. Is this possible? Will you be able to write to me and send me more pictures? Also, will you consider coming to my country? Is it too late to book travel with the agency in Baku? I hope not. Just tell me what you need and I will do my best to see that you get it. You can trust me. I am real and I have a heart that beats. I am not a robot. You are more important than the air that I breath. You add meaning to my life. I cannot go on without you.


The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 15, You think that I the cheat!