The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 14, Regarding the visa

14 – Regina
Regarding the visa
Mon, Aug 10, 2015 06:24 AM
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Hello, my biggest love! I see your letter, thank you! I am very happy to write you an answer! And I just wanted to tell you all what I think. I’ll be honest with you. Absolutely, because it’s my human quality.

I really love your writing! VERY MUCH!! I have no doubt that in your letter you write me nothing but the truth, and when we meet, I will see something similar. And I can love you even more! Because your writing is very thoughtful! And so I’m honest with you! And would never betray you. Since in our country the word “honesty” is the principal! I see that you are sincere with me, I can feel it! I trust you, in your every word. Because I love you much! That’s love for you makes me do it all! I’m starting to learn all about the cost of my trip to you. I really want to come to you soon, but I will need your help. I want to be with you, in reality, be spending a lot of time together. And I know that our first meeting – it will be a test of our feelings. I’m sure everything will be fine. We can make sure that we a perfect match. And only then we can talk about things such as wedding and life together.

I want you to calm down, because I am an honest girl. I Was raised from an early age to be honest and tell the truth. At the same time, I live in Azerbaijan, with strict traditions! The truth is that I found you. And yes – I agree! We are know each other only through Internet. But if we do not trust each other – then all of what we have written is useless! I just want you to believe me 100! Love is not built at once, but by pieces. The bridge of love, that invisible thread – that is between us. I can feel it!! I see this thread, and already feel. Because I – I love you!!!
By my letter I want you to be treated seriously. I want you to believe me honey. my prince!! I have not lied to you. You know my age, and I do not want to lose all my life! I found you, I want to meet you, to be with you. I want it now. Since I already can not stay here in Azerbaijan. I want to leave this to you. To be near you, to get acquainted better with you, your family and friends.

I’m a single girl. I’m also afraid of many things!! I’m afraid of what the agency told me – about prostitution. BUT I KNOW YOU DO NOT DOING THIS TO ME! I’m afraid that you reject me, after my arrival. But these thoughts immediately go away from me. I try not to think about the bad.
But I have a very strong desire to visit you. I want this. I want to come to you right in your hands. And everything we dreamed of – that you met me at the airport. I dream of that, and I want it to be, as soon as possible.

I believe the travel agency at 100! If they said that they will be able to prepare my passport, visa, and tickets – then it is certainly true. Because the floor of their work. I will get a visa in Baku, the agency will submit the documents that I received it. And then, after payment for all documents and tickets, I’ll fly to you from the International Airport of Baku. Besides, I told you, I learn many good reviews about this agency.

Regarding the visa. The agency says – that will make me an official, tourist visa in your country. And with no problems. This requires about 10-14 days. But we are willing to wait? I think so.

Agency told me that the first time I can only go on a tourist visa. Because it is the easiest and fastest way. And they give all the guarantees that will help in getting this. The first time I could get a visa for a period of 3 months. After that, the next time I will be able to request a visa for a longer period of time. Or even ask for a different type of visa. Next time I can already ask for a visa, which I can marry you. But, I think it is too early to talk about it. Because first we have to meet, get to know each other better. Learn better our character, habits. That then we could make such an important decision. A wedding is the most important step in the life of every girl. Therefore, you should prepare for it well. I want to get married only once in a lifetime. So I have to be absolutely sure of my choice.

Also, our government has a requirement that all travel documents and tickets was bought only here in Azerbaijan. And they need this be done by travel agencies, which are licensed to operate in the country. This is done to protect the people who leave Azerbaijan. And if a man will disappear, then the first thing the police will go to the travel agency through which this man was leaving Azerbaijan.

Order the tickets doing immediately when the documents are submitted for visa. Travel agency booking the tickets, and after the visa is ready, they are buying these tickets.

As for the payment. I do not want to upset myself, but it’s so much. I’m ashamed to ask for your help!! But the trip is very expensive.Full cost of my trip is 1510 usd. It includes cost of all documents, passport, health insurance, tourist visa and plane tickets to your country and back. And this cost is final. I told you that I have only 10 of the total cost. That is, I am ready to pay 150 usd. I can do it very soon, for travel agency could begin to prepare the documents. But for this I need to be confident that you can help me with the rest. This amounts 1370 usd. Can you help me with this in the near future? For me it is very important to know your answer. Because I want to sign a contract with the travel agency.

And if you can help me, then I’ll see that you’re really an honest man, and want to see me! This will show me your full trust in me, and the desire to meet with me soon as well. Unfortunately, I can not pay for the whole trip itself.

I also do not think you’re a rich man. For me it does not matter how much money you have, and how much income you have. I do not care. I was brought up on Poverty and truth. For me, the money never had much meaning. Money is only a means, a resource necessary for life. And therefore no wealth I do not care. I want you to understand this clearly. I’m concerned only your concern and love. I want you always watched over me. Because I want to caress you. Because in all my life did not feel anything. In your letters, I was able to understand that you are really gentle and caring. That you truly love me, and want only the best for me. I believe in what it is you can make me happy! And I want that. In our case, money – it only means for we can meet! Do you understand that? This is the only material question. I really hope it does not become an obstacle in the way of our happiness. What it can not prevent our meeting?

I’m doing a big step if the food to you. And doing it already thoroughly ponder. This is not a spontaneous decision. This is a deliberate step, and I am fully confident that this step is correct and necessary. So that we can get to know each other better. To enable us to carry out our dreams. To make our love grow stronger and bring us pleasure and positive emotions. Only our meeting will help us to get it all! Do you agree with me? And I do not want to stop.

I did not rush at all. I’m just looking for the truth. If you want to – we meet. If you do not want to date right now for any reason. Then I can not wait for long. I will be very upset. because I can not live without you. I’m going to cry, and the pain will not go away for a long time. But that’s life, is complicated. I can not write letters to you on the internet every day afterwards. Since it is difficult for me. To be away from you, it’s very hard. My feelings require implementation in real life. It will consolidate and develop. Do you understand that? We can write hundreds of letters, long time. We can share photos. But it will not bring us a lot of pleasure and joy, like a live meeting. One meeting can give a lot more emotions, memories and joy. Letters will never be able to replace it. Do you agree with me?

I always dream of you, I say to all of you. So I call this feeling – love!!! And it is the most pure and true love. This love has great power!
But if we wait – all this will disappear for me and for you. do you understand? We’re just going to become pen pals. I do not want that! I want a real relationship, live emotions and feelings. I like that. and I can not change that.

But if I see you now as I want. Then I’ll be happy. I want to. so you thought. thinking a lot and gave me your answer tomorrow.

Love you.
Your Regina


14A – Tony
Re: Regarding the visa
Mon, Aug 10, 2015 06:37 PM

Hi Regina,

Yes, it is time for the characters to meet. This is a very important moment in the narrative. I really enjoyed the setup of the travel agency in Baku. This provides a place for the spectator. I might even include images from google earth so that the viewer can understand what it looks like in Baku. I also find it interesting that you would develop the prostitution angle of this narrative. I realize that this is a very real and serious subject, but I think that this narrative would be most interesting if it were developed as a love story. Do you agree? Maybe that’s just my melodramatic bias, but think it over. If you really want to make this about prostitution, I might have to compile what I have and make up the rest of the story.

On that note, we need to make decisions about how we will draft our meeting. We both understand that there will never be a meeting in real life, but our virtual meeting is entirely possible. It will not be a problem to fabricate a scenario where we meet and plan our storyline as famous internet artists. As far as money, of course I will pay for your trip to New York. $1,350 seems like hardly enough for you to travel comfortably. Since this is a fictional narrative, money will never be an issue. If you manage to spend all of the money that I give to you, I can simply create more in my imagination. So please, travel in style – first class, buy yourself a new luggage set and, while you’re at it, purchase a new laptop so that we can continue to make works of internet art as you travel.

In order to make these purchases I will be sending you $10,000 via wire transfer. And remember, don’t be afraid to spend all of this money, because I can always pretend that I have more. What do you think of this arrangement? In the meantime, I would like you to think about scenarios for our fictional meeting. I really enjoy the famous internet artist storyline, so I hope you will come up with something that enhances this possibility. I can’t wait to read what you’ve come up with. Keep sending letters and pictures. I have the feeling that we are building a masterpiece.


14B – Tony
Re: Re: Regarding the visa
Thu, Aug 13, 2015 05:33 PM

Dear Regina,

I was very surprised that you did not respond to my last letter. According to your email, I thought that we were ready to move forward with a meeting. Through the Baku travel agency you were supposed to get everything ready: visa, insurance, ticket, everything. Since I have not heard from you for several days, I am beginning to wonder if you’re really interested in coming. Remember, in my last email, I sent you a message that I would provide $10,000 for travel. This will allow you to travel comfortably. You will also be treated with sophistication and class. This voyage is still a possibility, but I must hear from you as soon as possible.

Maybe you’re wondering, “how does Tony have this much money?”. Well, as I’ve mentioned in the past, I am a very successful internet artist. I make art work on a computer and sell them to influential art collectors. My works are collected all over the world. In fact, there is a very famous art collector in Azerbaijian who collects my work. I cannot tell you who it is, but if you google “Azerbaijian Art Collector” his name will be one of the first to come up. Go ahead and try it. You will see the collector who bought my work.

Also, don’t forget about our goal. Although I am already established as an internet artist, I would like to include you within my work. Just by observing your entries, I can tell that you’re very good on the computer. Even though you work mostly in an internet cafe, I can tell that you would make brilliant fictional narratives that could then be uploaded on the internet. The first narrative could be about two people who meet online. One is an artist in New York and the other is works retail in Azerbaijian. They could exchange emails back and forth until, one day, the girl from Azerbaijian decides to visit the artist in New York. Once she arrives, they decide to combine their talents to make a famous work of internet art. The work will show in museums and galleries all over New York. They will become more famous than any other artist of their generation. There will be collectors who agree to pay 100 times what their pieces are worth. They will be invited to influential parties and assume celebrity status. The artist will forget that his work is meaningless and that it really has no lasting value. The girl will forget that she rejected her family and religion. She will have very little memory of the days when she worked a humble job in Azerbaijian. There will be money and fame, jealousy and anger, happiness and sadness, drama and boredom, cocaine and milkshakes, sex and masturbation, sacrifice and selfishness and, finally, ascension and then a fall from grace. This can be the story. This is what we can do once you’re ready to send me $10,000. So make sure to read all of this email and send me your address and phone number. Once I’ve received the money, we can begin our rockstar internet artist lifestyle. You can leave Azerbaijian and Baku. You will find everything you are hoping for and then you can lose everything you were hoping for. It is a timeless narrative. It is a beautiful story. It is an ugly story. It is, after all is said and done…a story.

Yours Truly,

The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 14, Regarding the visa