The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 13, Travel Agency M y Love

13 – Regina
Travel Agency M y Love
Sun, Aug 09, 2015 05:07 AM
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Hello, my biggest love in this world Tony! Thank you for your answer. I very much expect to receive it today, and I’m glad that I can see that. Now I am full of energy and strength, and a good mood and full of positive. This is what I really need! How are you doing, how your mood, how is the weather? The weather here is warm now, I love this weather! In this weather I like to walk slowly down the street and enjoy this weather. Now I am very happy and I really want to visit you, and therefore knowledge about you is very important for me! But in the letters you can’t see all this – you need to see it through your eyes. There’s always better to see everything in person, instead of reading about it! I think that there is very important thing I have already know! It’s how much I want to see you now. This is my only desire, and I would very much like this now! If I could do everything, then I fly to you by the sky, and come right to your house. Was standing on the threshold, and you would have met me.

I want to tell you today, important news, I went to Baku, and visited a large travel agency. I asked the approximate cost of travel to your country. They informed me that. But this is only approximate. To know the exact cost, I need to know the closest international airport to you. I hope you will say to me in your next letter. And I can write it in a travel agency. That they informed me the final cost.
They also warned me that I was very cautious. Since in this big world, in many civilized countries, there is a lot of evil. There is still a slave, to get people to sell organs and to sell girls doing prostitution.
It was scary news for me. But I’m sure you’re a good man, I can trust you with my life. I have such a feminine feel, therefore I am relaxed about it.

I read a lot of good reviews on this travel agency. Also my uncle has one of his childhood friend working there. I never told you about my uncle. But he is really very close person for me. He does not live in Azerbaijan, he had left it. Sometimes I write him a letter, to learn the news of his life, and also talk to him about my news. He’s a man and has a different view of life, so his advice and his experience is very interesting for me. And this is the only person in our family who understands me and does not judge. So I can fully trust this travel agency. This travel agency has a good connection with the embassies of different countries, and a great experience. Therefore, preparation of travel documents for them is not difficult.

I went to a travel agency because this is my first experience of leaving the country. I do not want to make mistakes with it. If I’m going to do everything by myself, then it will be very difficult for me. I’ve heard a lot of stories about how people have tried to do everything on their own, and in the end they were refused a visa. So they even could not properly fill out paperwork.

I want to talk more about our relationship with you.
I do not doubt that our future relationship will be no doubts and distrust each other. I’m sure our love will live a long time, it can pass any test. When two people love each other, they can overcome any obstacle. Do you agree with me? I believe you, I believe in every word you say. I do not consider myself naive, but my heart tells me that you are sincere! What you really want only the best for me! My heart is not wrong! I know that’s for sure!

I love you and that’s important, I think so, and if I meet you and together we will – then I become the happiest girl on the planet. I will never leave you, my beloved man! I never think badly of you. I am a girl who knows how to forgive, and if there are errors, then I do not hurt – they’re right! This will also be present at my side, and depend on me, and on whether you know how to forgive. You can not doubt my words. So as I write to you just what I think and what I dream of! And all my promises – it’s not just words! It’s true, and if properly understood, then you can see the real me! I’m sure you already know me well. You know my feelings for you, you know my hobbies and many of my thoughts! When I will come to you, I will say much more! You’ll be able to see me, watch me. You’ll be able to see and feel all of my feelings for you. I really want this! I want to give you my love, and also to see and feel your love to me! I hope that this will develop into a very large and serious feeling. We may even be able to create a family. And if between us will have such feelings and full of confidence. Then we meet, no matter what. I’d like to feel you soon, iron and show you all my care and love for you, my caring prince. I realize now that my life depends on you! And I think that you look at it from the correct side! I want to see you, to be your favorite woman. So you can never leave me!

You have to remember, for the love, I’m ready for anything! I’d like to hear from you the same words. If you think so, then you will write to me. It will be very difficult to meet, and we need to understand both. I’ve never flown anywhere else outside of Azerbaijan. It will be very difficult and not easy! I think – that our meeting will be spending all of our efforts and endeavors, it will require the support and care from you!! But we are ready and we will strive for this, right? We will not give up!!!
I would also like to discuss with you a very important question. Full cost of the trip to you, it enough large sum of money for me. I have a decent salary to live here in Azerbaijan. I can spend it to pay for housing, food, clothing, and some entertainment (cafes, cinemas). But this money is not enough to pay for my trip to you. Unfortunately, I do not have much savings. And I can only pay 10 of the total cost of the trip.

This will be enough to start the preparation of all required documents. So I do not have any other means, I have to ask you to help me. Can you help me with the payment? You see, for me now it is very difficult to ask this of you. Since I’ve never done this, and now I have a not very good feeling. But, unfortunately, there is no way that we can meet with you without it. So for me it will be very important is your answer.

I really hope you can help me soon. And then we’ll be together and be happy. I really want this. I hope that you, too, want to do this? I ask you, that you did not forget me tell your nearest International Airport.

When is the next time I’ll get your answer, then I’ll know all your thoughts and your desires. I ask that you not afraid to speak all your thoughts. I will understand it and accept.

I promised you I will soon be able to call you on the phone, so you can hear my voice, and I could talk to you. So I ask you, that you told me your phone number, which I can easily use to call you. Number of your cell phone, which is always turn on.

I LOVE YOU TONY, my gentle and caring man! I give you my most passionate kisses.

Your forever


13A – Tony
Re: Travel Agency M y Love
Mon, Aug 10, 2015 03:57 AM


Yes, the nearest International Airport is New York. It is a very large city. Maybe you have heard of this city. You should fly to this airport because it is a big city and there are many art galleries and museums. Maybe one day, we will exhibit this work of flux persona inside of a museum or gallery in New York. We can have an opening. There will be wine and cheese and many important people from the New York art scene. We can come to the gallery everyday to see how many people are looking at the work. We can have an artists talk and discuss the use of the fluctuating persona in art.

When we get hungry, we can walk down the street and eat chicken with rice. In New York there are many street food vendors who work outside of the museums and galleries because there is always good business. They serve large containers of chicken and rice for only $5. It is always delicious, but I think I will get Gyro meat. Yes, you can get chicken and rice and I will get Gyro meat. We will sit outside and watch the pigeons. Then we will go back to the gallery and be famous artists. It will be great. The only problem is that internet artists usually don’t become famous. I’m not sure how to fix this. Maybe we will become the first internet artists to become ridiculously famous. More famous than Andy Warhol or Damien Hirst or, even, Jeff Koons. Yes, we will eat chicken and rice, host an artist talk and then become the most famous internet artists in the world. What do you think? Are you ready for this? Are you excited about doing this? I hope so. Looking forward to your response.


The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 13, Travel Agency M y Love