The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 11, Fantaasy talk

11 – Regina
Fantaasy talk
Sun, Aug 07, 2015 05:27 AM
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Hello my love Tony! My most gentle and caring man on this planet. My sun, my happiness and my real love! I am so happy to receive your new letter, read it now. That’s all I wanted today as waiting your reply with great impatience. Since I can’t live without your letters like a fish out of water. This is of course the comparison, because I really can not live without your letters. You write very gently, that’s how I like it. And I always want to hear from you these words to me. Always and everywhere. I do not care where we will be and how many people will stand around us. I am confident. That I’m going to kiss you all the time that I will never be upset with you because you are my light, for which I want to live, and strive for the best for the future!!! And everything that I dream is about when we meet in the future will be for us!!

My love, I really liked how you wrote and told me. I’ve just been waiting to write you!! Yesterday I met with my friend, as was going. We sat in the cafe, drank tea and ate a delicious dessert. And during all this time we have fun talking, she told me her news and events. I spoke a little bit about you, about what I am very happy now, and I really love you. My girlfriend wish us success in our future relationships! I saw that my friend was genuinely happy for me! Then I went home and thought about our love and affection that I want. I wish that it was all very romantic. You will like it? If you’re going to come after work and I’ll be waiting for you always!! Every day, and only you, because I only need you!! If we met now, and would already be together. Then when you get home – and I meet you with open hands, and a cheery smile because you’re back. You undress and took place in a bathroom. To take bath and to come to the table, you already clean and dressed in house clothes. Then I sit down at the table! I think I will never dine without you ever been waiting for you, and together we will sit down to supper. So it will be more pleasant for you to have dinner with me, I think.

Yet while we have dinner and drink tea, we talk about it after us again. We tell each other the most wonderful words that we want. I’ll call you my prince, and my love – my ideal and dream. After all, the way it is! You are the most kind and gentle man in the world! And I think that you are ready do everything for me and I appreciate it!! I feel your great love for me, your kindness and your gentle hands, your body and your breath. I continue … after dinner when we – we can relax a bit, and then all of a little walk! You can show me the most fabulous places in your city. As I already said – I want to know everything about you, you showed me everything connected with you. Perhaps you’d like some place, maybe it will be romantic! You memorize it please. And then together we go there to spend time with. You’re telling me something about it, and I will listen to you very carefully! We can then immediately return home or go somewhere else!

I’m sure you know more interesting places to visit, so you see me off! We can go where people will sit, there are places with you, I’m sure. Then we will walk together and hold hands. Then all the people will look at us and smile. So I think we will be a great example of a couple that happy together. Such a pair that has a purpose in life, we will always seek what we want to achieve together. I do not even doubt cute!! You are my favorite man, very caring, and I never will leave you. the main thing that you would not want to go away from me, or I just can not keep you! But I do not think about it, because you’re a man and hope you can choose a life partner! With wit, and with a desire to! But these are only my dreams. I really wish that it was becoming a reality. And now all my dreams are just that.
Still cute, I want to write more! As I told you, I asked you last time about sex. Since this is also a very important part of a relationship and is very beautiful. Because only with you, I want to translate into reality my thoughts and dreams. And I think that if you are helping me in this – will have absolutely great! I want to. You understand – I am very gentle, and you want to start always with gentleness. I want to massage your back a little bit to relieve tension. At the same time feel your regular breathing. Probably every man loves a massage from a woman’s sensitive hands? I know how to do it, and you’ll have lots of fun to teach from it! When I finish, I let to you around your back my breasts, if you want it!!

And then I just have to iron in your ear and tell you quietly that I love you, honey!! You are my good and gentle! My hand then walk slowly to your pants and I touch your penis! First through his pants and stroking it very gently! When I have my hand between her legs you will – it will be very good for you! I think that by the time your body will already be up and does not suffer anymore! is this true? Then you just turn around and we see face to face and look straight in the eye! To be aware and have all the same contact, that is just an invisible thread – which connects us. Our minds! You place hands on my body and make me feel as a strong desire to make love! And then you start to take off my clothes so I was naked. Next, I think the same thing that you also like this! Then all the same what your fantasies? I continue to take your penis and start to dream, gently touching the tip! You get from most excited to just simply hug me and are already beginning to love!

But I just want to pinch my breasts. To its heat and massage! You tell me if you want more! When we will be in this state, maybe I can take it with your lips to kiss! From this you will be more fun? I’m ready to do it just for you! And I must say – that never before did not do it, but I want to try it with you! Only with you – a man whom I love very much and I do not want anyone else to give! But I want to tell you all my fantasy talk!! Just so you know, and then waited for this moment! So when we both have an excited state, then you have me real pleasure! That he was ready to give me pleasure. Here’s what I would be like in sex cute, so I see it!!! To bring you up to this maximum possible state so that you will never forget it!! I want you always been good to me so you went satisfied. Since this is important for me too! I think I’ve also always be with you satisfied. And I said – yes, it was something nice, this has not been with me such pleasure and love test!

I want this, and I think that I could tell you what I think! What do I think at night! What I dream deal with you! I think you write me your opinion? I look forward to your letter again. And I will answer you always! Always tell me what you think and how you imagine! I just want to say one more time, that’s all I wrote to you here – it’s my dream. I read earlier many romance novels, and it was so exciting. I want our relationship with you, it was just beautiful and romantic. I think we can make relationship more beautiful and more emotional than any book novel. We ourselves will find better ways for it!

Can you imagine life with me and all that, as I wrote to you today? Do you want this? Do you want now? I really want to carry it all in a short time. Even now, I’m seriously thinking about our early meeting in reality. In my next letter, I will write to you in detail what I plan about our first meeting. And that, I think to do that! I think this is the next level in the development of our relations. I believe we need to know about each other. It is unlikely that in the letters you can learn a lot more. Now the only meeting in real life, can give us a complete picture of our desires. I understand that we have to work very hard at it. To eventually become the happiest couple of people on Earth. But I believe our love will help us in this. Now I will finish my letter, I hope not very shocked you my letter?

I love you.
yours Regina


11A – Tony
Re: Fantaasy talk
Wed, Aug 08, 2015 04:34 AM

Hi Regina,

This work of flux persona is growing with each new entry. I am amazed by the length and quality of your entries. I’m not certain if you just cut and paste these entries to multiple email accounts or if you actually write an entry each time you receive an email. In any case, we are adding chapters to a complex work of flux identity. I think that we have reached a point where I should clarify for the viewer of this work. I do not want them to get confused. Sometimes, these characters can become so overwhelming and lifelike it can be difficult to distinguish them from real life. So, here is my summary:

I am Tony, an artist of digital flux, virtuality, alias and alter ego. I am responding to an identity that reached out to me through email. I know that this identity, Regina, is a complete falsehood, but I enjoy crafting entries with this unknown entity. Somewhere out in the world, someone is taking the time to build entries and send photos of a woman who is supposed to be Regina. In reality, I know that there is no Regina. I know that there is no true feeling in these entries. Most of all, I know that there is no love story. Like the works of mainstream romance – movies, novels, love songs – this is a work that suggests a romance that does not and will never exist. The viewer should not be fooled into believing that this is a real romantic exchange. It is not. It is a sequence of entries that will be used to tell a fictional narrative. I am not creating this work in order to deceive the audience. Deception is not very interesting to me, which is why I’m explaining to the audience that this is not a reality. It is a fictional interaction. What I find interesting is the manner in which technology can extend across the expanse of time and space. I, Tony, the artist, am able to build my narrative by collaborating with an entity that is unknown to me…a robot, a cyborg, a stranger, an email, a computer screen, a processor shrouded in the identity of a woman from Azerbaijian.

Regina, is the lead character. Her entries are detailed and extensive. As I’ve mentioned before, I sometimes wonder whether she is an author or not. Her entries are similar to the romance novels that she speaks of in her emails. At times, I have referred to her as “it”. I refer to her as “it” because I am unsure who is communicating from the other end of the messages. I have read the words and viewed several photos, but I am well aware that these are a facade. I’m also not certain about Regina’s intent. Why did it want to communicate with me in the first place? Is it looking for money? Or, could this be a lonely person somewhere across the world, who wanted to communicate with someone on a regular basis? I am not sure, but I am curious to find out. I also hope that the audience will follow the narrative until its proper conclusion. Regina has told us about her family, her job, her hobbies, her thoughts and even her fantasies. She has shared images that show her at home, at the beach and partially undressed. What will be revealed next?


The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 11, Re: Fantaasy talk