The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 10, A very personal letter

10 – Regina
A very personal letter
Sun, Aug 03, 2015 08:18 AM
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Hello my dear friend. Thank you for your answer. You know, it’s always interesting to get for me. This is very important for me. Thank you that you keep writing me letters.

I’ll tell you right from the beginning of this my letter. This letter is very personal. I will write here quite a personal things, and it’s not so easy to do for me. So I hope on your understanding. It is very important that you read it correctly and understood. By my writing I’m doing the first step, and I hope that you will do a step towards me.

Today I was at work, and my head was full by thoughts about you. I do not know how continue my work, and my hands were shaking a little bit from excitement. I do not know what it was, but it tells me and I say it to you that you are not indifferent for me, you’re one special for me! I wish to reach a wonderful future with you! I have a lot of good ideas about this future! I can present it to you. Last night I went to bed alone, about 23 o’clock in the evening, in my cold bed! And I thought about us, and wanted you lay next to me! Since I do not want to live alone anymore. When you came in my throught letters then I think I changed my views to relationship. I have already started to imagine, if you and I were together! I think that if you are now with me, we can talk to you all day and night! And we can tell each other the most wonderful words looking in eyes. If you were next to me – then I would hold your hand and would look in your eyes! And do not miss any sight!

I would have looked at you and trying to understand what you’re thinking about me. In your eyes, I immediately knew it would be. I think your eyes were shining like, and you’d be smiling. We would be even more fell in love. You’re a very good man, with an open mind and a big heart. Only a part of your heart, you have to give to somebody you love, I think! I know already – you’re a real man and strong. And you can always take care about me. I think that you’re a man who could give me joy for life, and just be with me always. Always love and respect, always support and help. Never disappoint, and never cheat. As I’m a girl and I need care and affection. Every time I dream at night, when I get tired very much, so I can just put my head to your shoulder or chest, and just be close to you. I want to go to sleep and after sleep want to see you’re next to me. And that you watched over me and protected!

I love to dream about it very much , because it is what I strive for! And tell me please, what will you do when you come home very tired? We live in the real world, and to be aware of our actions! I think that you and I have a lot in common interests and views on life, and unite us alone! I am confident that it will be very interesting together! Now I really want to ask you – what do you prefer to do with your girlfriend? How would you want to spend your spare time together ? I hope you answer me that! Still a lot of thoughts in my head right now, about the course of the future with you! But if you think that we hurry to much, please tell me. But if in your heart you have the same as I have – very serious and great feeling, and a lot of thought. Then you write me. I imagine our lives together! But I think it should be! I understand that in this case, my knowledge of the language can be a hindrance to full communion. But I promise that I’ll be teaching your language better, I know some of the basics things, I even think that I can communicate with you. So that you can get right, all my words and thoughts. It will be very necessary in our relationship. I understand that, and I promise to learn your language. Besides, I’m sure you will help me in that! Is that so?

I already have the feeling that I was falling in love with you more. And this feeling getting stronger day by day. With each letter, I begin to understand that I love you. And I want this feeling grow.

I understand if you say – it is too early for such a serious feeling. We have communion only a short time. But I really feel the love. And I want to treat you as my beloved man. I want to have full love relationship. My words of love for you – it’s my feeling. I already know you well enough, and I love you. I like all your qualities. I believe that after a long time been able to find true love. I told you in a letter that if I feel for you, I will immediately tell you that. And I think now is the best time to do this, I can not expect more, and keep it inside myself.

Obviously, you have some time to completely convinced of this. Because it’s all very serious, and I’m afraid to make mistakes with it. But now, I really feel that I love you. I’m not afraid to say it. I hope you will understand me properly, and you can reciprocate. Maybe you need more time to determine your feelings towards me. I’m willing to wait. But I really want to hear in response to this letter – that you love me too. But I’m also ready for another answer. So I ask you to be honest about your feelings, if it is present.

The letters we know each other figuratively – but even these letters can create the beginning! The beginning of love, relationships. Start a new life in which you can forget the past! Where you can start a bright future. And the ability to create a family! If we both want it – it’s possible! It needs to aspire to. And that would be the best moment in my life, unforgettable joy and responsibility! Now I finish my letter and I will be exciting to wait for your answer! It would be nice if your thoughts were similar to mine. I am sending you the most warm and tender kiss. Maybe one day come a day when I can feel the taste of your lips in real life. I believe this is the most sweet and delicate flavor.
I also want to tell you that if you do not mind, then in the next letter I write to you some of my fantasies. You know that I do not have any sexual experience, but I have my fantasies. Because I read some romance novels, and I have some dreams as well. I hope you’re ready to read it. This will be another very personal letter. I hope you will be interested in it?

Your Regina


10A – Tony
Re: A very personal letter
Wed, Aug 05, 2015 04:56 PM

Hi Regina,

Great to hear from you. The last email was amazing. You managed to express a very convincing array of emotions. I almost feel like these are real emotions that you’re communicating. These emails are very believable. Have you ever done any writing? Sometimes it feels like you’re an author. The part about reading “many romance novels” made me laugh out loud. It makes a sincere comment about how romance is filtered through mainstream culture. It’s interesting to think of all the ways in which romance is packaged and sold to the mainstream: novels, movies, pop songs, internet dating sites. In the end, I feel like this project will comment on all of these platforms.

I, for one, have always been accepting of mainstream forms of romance. As a kid, I would watch many romantic comedies about couples falling in love. In my country, we use the statement “and they lived happily ever after” to frame this type of romance. The reason we say this is because, at the end of the movie, the characters always end on a happy note. The movie suggests that they live a life that is struggle free and without relationship issues. Although we love to believe this in the movies, it is obvious that this is different from real life. Obviously, relationships in real life are, often, full of arguments, pain and unhappiness. This isn’t the case with all relationships, but the divorce rate in the USA is very high. It would be great if we could all find the loves of our lives, but its not as easy as it sounds. I may have found the love of my life, but I’m waiting to see if it is a real romance or if it is just a fantasy.

Speaking of fantasies, I would love to hear what you come up with. Definitely send me your fictional fantasies and make sure to include plenty of “romance novel” sauciness. Another picture would be great. Looking forward to your response.


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