The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 9, Re: Flux persona

09 – Regina
Re: Flux persona
Sun, Aug 02, 2015 05:53 AM
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Hello my dear friend. Today my day filled with joy, because you have wrote me again. I have come to the cafe to see your letter, and my heart sinks when I start to read it. I have a feeling that reading your letters, and writing letters to you, it become a good habit. I am always very pleased to receive a letter from you. Because you’re a very nice person, you know how to understand what I write to you. Thank you for that!

How pass your day? How is the weather? I’m fine. The weather is not very good, but I did not pay attention to the weather. Because in any weather I rush to the internet cafe and read your letters. Even if the weather is awful, I will still be happy when I see your new letter. Your letters always make my mood better. Only you can lift my spirits, and do it by best way.

Now you’re the only man with whom I communicate on the Internet. I write letters only to you, and I do not have other friends online. Now I can not remember why I chose YOU from the many profiles. Something attracted me in your profile. And now I am very happy that I made the right choice, and we can build our relationship now.

I want also to add some words about what I wrote you in my last letter. I really do not have any sexual experience. This is true. I never even make masturbation or self-gratification. I assume this is not correct. And it will not be as much fun. Because most of real pleasure available to get only in sex. Since I’ve never had it, I do not have a constant need for it, or thirst. Now I’m waiting for the only man in my life. And I hope that maybe this man will be you. I am very attached to you in this short time. I understand that not much time we are know each other. But anyway, I have a good impression of our friendship ..

In our country, girls marry very early. Sometimes this happens when a girl under 18 years of age. That is, many girls marry very young. I do not think it’s good. I considered getting married at an early age can not be happy. This step should be done consciously. It will take time to fall in love with each other, to learn better partner to have a full understanding.

18 years is too young an age to create a family, to have children. I think at my age, it is time to have children. I would like to have 1 or 2 children. I think that’s enough.
But on the other hand, I do not understand that when people live together for many years without a wedding. This is not right. I believe that it is enough to live a few months together, to understand whether it is possible to get married. If you live together for several months, then you will see the different quality of your love partner, you will see his habits, you’ll be able to have sex all the time. And it will be enough to make a decision about the wedding. Our life is too short for just expect something. It’s necessary to do things. Even if it would be a mistakes in any case it will be experience. Therefore, it is difficult for me to understand people who check everything several times, which are constantly questioned, and are afraid to take the first steps. Insecure people tend to have few accomplishments in life. A person should clearly understand his desire to make the necessary actions. Do you agree with me?

Maybe it’s seem strange to you all my similar reasoning. But these are my views and my beliefs. I understand that in real life everything would not be so perfect. But I’ll try to make it less and less bickering various grievances and misunderstandings. I will follow his convictions, and his views. And maximum efforts in order to have the best and strong relationships. What are you willing to do to maintain a relationship with the person you love??

Today I released early from my job. And before I go to a cafe and read your new letter, I meet with my girlfriend Sanilya. She ask me to go with her, because she buy new clothes. She say that I have a good style and it is important for her my opinion. So we spend a few hours in different stores, choosing the appropriate things. As a result, we buy some great things. Both me and my friend were very happy. I believe that for women going shopping this great holiday is to give a good mood. And even if a woman is very tired, she will still be very happy. I like that. I love going shopping, unfortunately, I do not have a lot of opportunities for frequent purchases. We walk with a friend a few hours of shopping, and did not even notice the time. Do you love to shop and make purchases?? After buying things, my friend invited me to the outdoor cafe, drink some tea and chat about life. First she talk about her life, about all the changes that occur in the last days. I see her often enough that it does not say a lot.

Then she asked me how I was faring. I see that she have a lot of interest. And I talk to my friend about you. I tell her about how to find you, start talking to you. She listened with great interest, and I see that she’s actually happy for me. She says that I have to appear gleam in his eyes that I become more happy and cheerful. She was very interesting to listen to me. She says that you have to be a very good man, judging by my stories, and besides, she see me change for the better. Then she set me an unexpected question. “Hey friend, maybe you fell in love? “For me, the question was unexpected, and I’m a little embarrassed and confused in words, told her that while I myself do not understand it until the end. Then I quickly change the topic of conversation. We chat a bit further, she go home and I go to an internet cafe and check my mail from you.

Now I will finish my letter. Some sad thought now coming into my head I very much hope that this year, something will change in my personal life. And it will be the best gift on my birthday on 15 April. I still have a question of my friend in my mind. I doubt that I can fall asleep fast today. Because her question, “I’m in love with you or not ?” making me think hard. I have to work it out for myself, I have to figure out what I feel for you. I have to ask my heart and trust it. In my heart, I understand that you become more to me than just a friend. I start to think of you, how about a loved one. I’m starting to experience some of the feelings and emotions that I did not experience before. And these feelings are growing every day, with each your new letter. And every night before going to bed, I have to think about it. The more I think, the more I realize how much I get attached to you. I think these feelings grow stronger by the day, because I go to sleep alone. Because you’re a very nice man, While I can not say exactly what it is feeling. And to call it. I think that very soon I will be able to write you more. Write about feelings is not easy. This is a very personal thing, and I want you to get it right. I hope that does not scare you much by my own words? Tell me if you believe I have to hurry up with that!? But it is my feeling, and I can not control that. I do not want to hide it from you. I promised to tell you all that I think and feel … And I do it openly. For me it is important that you understand all of this correctly!

I wish you a nice day, mood and success. I look forward to your reply. Embrace and a kiss.



09A – Tony
Re: Flux Persona
Mon, Aug 03, 2015 02:36 AM

Hi Regina,

Your letters keep getting more interesting and the writing is beginning to take on the tone of a novel. I think that this will work very well for the work that I’m creating. It sounds like you’re taking your flux persona very seriously and I think it makes for good drama and an even better narrative. Keep writing about your feelings. I am certain that the viewers of this work will consider these feelings to be believable, even though we both know that they are a complete fiction.

Sometimes, you write with a passion that is very life like. If I didn’t tell the viewer that these letters were received by a false persona, they might actually believe that all of this is real. I also enjoyed the story about having tea with your friend. Setting this scene in a cafe was a wise choice because it gives the audience a better sense of place. Also, your observations about sex and masturbation add a new element to the storyline. In my country, we have a saying that “sex sells”. There are some who may think that the narrative is still too early to introduce plot points of sex and masturbation, but I think it will be fine as long as the project does not become a cheap porno. Please have restraint when expanding the sex storyline. In the end, it is better to keep the spectator in suspense. The virgin storyline is a nice introduction. In my country, there aren’t too many 27 year old versions, so this might peak the interest of the viewers (both male and female). The latest picture is a nice touch. As always, pictures will always move the narrative forward, so make sure to keep sending them.

OK, I have to go now, but I’m really looking forward to your next letter. Make sure to write more about the strong feelings that you’re experiencing. I think this will be the most interesting part of this flux persona project.


The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 9, Re: Flux persona