Glitchtown 01: What Morris Saw

During the summer of 1931, my grandfather ascended to the rooftop of the Argonaut Building in Detroit. As he faced the downtown skyline, an acquaintance snapped a candid photograph and, in doing so, captured the permanence of a young man gazing optimistically upon a young city.

Glitchtown 01: What Morris Saw analyzes the importance of photographic documentation. From a personal level, the image provides a vibrant reference of my grandfather at an early age. Through the use of digital technology, I am able to view my grandfather at a moment that precedes my own existence. In addition, the film provides an opportunity to initiate a hypothetical narrative based on his field of view. Through the image, I am able to approximate my grandfather’s field of view. As a consequence, I have developed a fictional interpretation regarding “what Morris saw.” The video establishes a definitive loop of documentary and fiction.

On a social level, the film anticipates the eventual demise of the city of Detroit. The idyllic image of youth is contrasted with a visionary abstraction of the oncoming future. Glitchtown 01: What Morris Saw awakens a conflicting juxtaposition between metropolitan progress and urban dystopia.