Emoji for Early Humans

Tony Jones
Emoji for Early Humans
Cave Dust, Carbon Black, Red Ochre

Emoji for Early Humans links the present technological environment with the genesis of human expression. In our current society, humans have grown accustomed to expressing emotion via technological symbols and icons, also known as emoji. These icons have streamlined the distribution of human feeling and reduced the need for verbal communication.

Sprouting from an interest in how early humans expressed emotion; Tony Jones designed an object that modernizes primal forms of communication. Emoji for Early Humansprovides, in theory, an expressive icon for early humans. The scale of the object affords portability that is similar to a cell phone or tablet. Furthermore, the shape of the primitive emoji permits various expressions of early human emotion. By turning the object along a 360-degree rotation, the prehistoric human is able to communicate expressions of joy, sadness, anger, and thought. By reversing the natural flow of technological sophistication, the artist pays homage to the value of early emotional expression and artistic practice.

For additional details about the emoji object, please refer to www.tonyjonesartist.com/emoji.html