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An archive of my ongoing digital projects.

Things Held

Things That Want To Be Held…That I Want To Hold

Things That Want To Be Held…That I Want To Hold is a collaborative art project performed by @becheverria_studio / @blancaguerra15 and @paulamator. The project combines sculptural ceramic works and durational performance to establish an ongoing symbiosis that emulates the stages of child-bearing. Throughout various stages […]

Mobile Devices

American bison have roamed the North American plains for thousands of years. Modest historical estimates suggest that, at one point, 24-million bison inhabited the continent. This number began to decrease with the arrival of non-native settlers and the European subspecies Equus ferus caballus, otherwise known […]

Glitchtown 01: What Morris Saw

During the summer of 1931, my grandfather ascended to the rooftop of the Argonaut Building in Detroit. As he faced the downtown skyline, an acquaintance snapped a candid photograph and, in doing so, captured the permanence of a young man gazing optimistically upon a young […]

#VowOfSilence: #Twitter is my #Voice

“I am taking a vow of silence. Twitter is my voice.” “Interact with my stream of twitter thoughts by searching #tweetvow or following @tweetvow” STATEMENT: A vow or moment of silence is typically intended to create a synthesis between introspection and extroversion. Humans engage in […]

The Famous Internet Artist – Regina: Chapter 2, Hi

02 – Regina Hi Sent: Thu, Jul 02, 2015 09:19 AM Me-summer-2015.jpg (102KB) Hi. Today, my mood is much better, because I see your response to my first letter. And I hope you’re interested in further relations and correspondence with me. I really hope that […]

Emoji for Early Humans

Tony Jones Emoji for Early Humans Cave Dust, Carbon Black, Red Ochre 2014 Emoji for Early Humans links the present technological environment with the genesis of human expression. In our current society, humans have grown accustomed to expressing emotion via technological symbols and icons, also known […]

Tony Jones; or, The Expanded Autobiography:

Transmedia narrative available at The human body is a container for numerous incarnations of multiplicity and fragmentation. These versions of the self can be identified through the presence of fluctuating persona. Embedded within our essence is a capacity to construct, develop and reinforce identities […]

OO (Object Objectified) Performance

OO (Object Objectified) was performed on April 24, 2013 at the Mercury Cafe Denver. As part of the Everything Must Go experimental art event, the work featured live video and sound mixing by Paul Echeverria.

The Constant Struggle Between Image and Sound

The Constant Struggle Between Image and Sound was performed on December 10th, 2012 at the ATLAS Black Box Theater. As part of the Invasion experimental performance and installation event, the work featured the live wrestling of Nicholas Hay (Image) and Paul Echeverria (Sound). The referee […]

Omnishambles Live Writing Collaboration

Omnishambles is a live writing collaboration performed on December 10th, 2012 at the ATLAS Black Box Theater. As part of the Invasion experimental performance and installation event, the piece featured the live writing of Mark Amerika, Julie Rooney, Rachel Levy, and Paul Echeverria. The piece […]

Brakhage Scroll

Inspired by the work of experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage, Brakhage Scroll seeks to explore the fluctuating boundaries of cinematic and eye/mind expression. As a filmmaker, most of my work has made use of materials that are germane to film production. Nevertheless, my earliest forms of […]

Cave Drawing One

With Cave Drawing One, I attempted to replicate the circumstances experienced by early cave artists. The drawing, completed in charcoal, is a print derived from Brakhage Scroll. The fifty-foot scroll was pressed against the wall surface, leaving vestiges of the original marks. The resulting work […]

The Noir Character, 1949

The Noir Character, 1949 A video installation by Paul Echeverria. Exhibited at The New School Arts Festival: Noir. April 1-8, 2011. The Noir Character, 1949 links spectators to the golden age of Noir cinema. By projecting images directly onto the viewer, the work assumes a […]

Stone Sculptures

When a spectator comes across a stone sculpture, it is recommended that they select one of the following reactions: 1. Observe the stone and leave it as you found it. 2. Remove the wire from the stone. Dispose of the wire and return the unwrapped […]